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CNNA Final 2

1.- A user is unable to connect to the Internet. The network administrator decides to use the top-down troubleshooting approach. Which action should the administrator perform first?
*Enter an IP address in the address bar of the web browser to determine if DNS has failed.

9.- Different hosts connect to the same switch port at different times. If the switch port is configured with dynamic port security, how does it process the MAC addresses?
*The addresses are dynamically learned and stored in the address table.

10.- Refer to the exhibit. A ping command is issued on workstation A to determine if workstation B can be reached. What two events will occur if this command is successful? (Choose two.)
*Workstation A will send an ICMP echo request message to workstation B.
*Workstation B will send an ICMP echo reply message to workstation A.

14.-The command copy tftp running-config has been entered on the router. What will this command do? 
• copy the configuration file from a server to RAM 

15.- A network administrator has designed a Class B network with a mask. Which two statements are true for this network? (Choose two.)
*There are 128 subnets..
*There are 510 usable hosts per subnet

16.- How do port filtering and access lists help provide network security? 
• They prevent specified types of traffic from reaching specified network destinations

17.- Refer to the exhibit. R1 and R2 are configured with the commands that are displayed. All interfaces are properly configured, but neither router is receiving routing updates. What two things can be done to solve the problem? (Choose two.)
*Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network
*Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network

18.-  Which statement correctly describes an SLA?
 *It outlines the management, monitoring, and maintenance of a network.

20.- When customers use credit cards to make purchases at a small business, a modem is heard dialing a telephone number to transfer the transaction data to the central office. What type of WAN serial connection is in use?
• circuit switched 

23.- Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator needs to configure the Fa0/0 interface of RTB so that hosts from RTA can connect to the server that is attached to RTB. Which two commands will the administrator use to accomplish this task? (Choose two.) 
• RTB(config-if)# no shutdown 
RTB(config-if)# ip address

24.-What is the purpose of the routing process?  
• to select the paths that are used to direct traffic to destination networks 

26.- Refer to the exhibit. Which two IP addresses could be assigned to the hosts in the diagram? (Choose two.)

28 .- Refer to the exhibit. While configuring the serial interface of a router, the network administrator sees the highlighted error message. What is the reason for this?
*The network administrator has attempted to configure the serial interface with a broadcast address.

33.- A user reports being able to access the Internet but not being able to download e-mail from the mail server at the ISP. What should the user check on the user workstation?
• the POP3 and SMTP server settings in the e-mail application 

34.- Which routing protocol facilitates the exchange of routing information between different autonomous systems?

38.-What are two purposes of DNS? (Choose two.) 
• to resolve human-readable domain names to numeric IP addresses 
to replace the static HOSTS file with a more practical dynamic system 

41.-What is a characteristic of UDP?
*It adds a minimal amount of overhead to the data to be transmitted.

42.- Which statement correctly describes the function of AAA?
*It prevents unauthorized access to a network.

44.- Refer to the exhibit. What fact can be determined from the exhibited output?
*The default encapsulation is set for the serial0/0/0 interface.

48.- What is the effect of issuing the banner login #Unauthorized login prohibited# command on a router?
*It will display the message "Unauthorized login prohibited" before the router prompts for a user name.

49.- A hacker attempts to reach confidential information that is stored on a server inside the corporate network. A network security solution inspects the entire packet, determines that it is a threat, and blocks the packet from entering the inside network. Which security measure protected the network?
• an IPS 

50 .- Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator uses the command below to configure a default route to the ISP network : RTB(config)# ip route A ping issued from the ISP is successful to router RTB. However, ping echo request packets arrive at a host that is attached to the Fa0/0 interface of RTB, and the replies do not make it back to the ISP router. What will fix this problem?
• The ip route command needs to be edited so that the next hop address is 

52.- Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is troubleshooting the serial connection between R1 and R2. There is no communication between R1 and R2. Based on the output of the show ip interface brief command, what is the cause of the problem?
*There is a misconfiguration of IP addresses

2.- A building has experienced a power outage. When the power returns, none of the devices on one floor can access the Internet. The network administrator checks the switch in the IDF that these devices are connected to and notes that the SYST LED on the front of the switch is amber. 

What is a possible cause of this problem?
a-)The switch is functioning properly.
b-)The switch has failed POST. 
c-)The switch configuration file was not saved to NVRAM.
d-)The connection between the switch and the server did not autonegotiate speed and duplex properly.

3.- Which application can be delivered using UDP?

4.- Which two services are required to enable a computer to receive dynamic IP addresses and access the Internet using domain names? (Choose two.)

5.- Which service team in an ISP is responsible for determining if the new customer has hardware that will support the new WAN connection and if new WAN circuits need to be installed?
planning and provisioning

6.- Why is the OSI model useful in network design and assesment?
It is used during troubleshooting to fucos on the entire networking process instead of a single layer.

7.- In a structured cable system, which term describes the cable that connects the wall jack in the user work area to the patch panel in the wiring closet?
Horizontal cable

8.- Refer to the exhibit. Devices need to connect to the file server from remote network. What method should be used to provide the file server with an IP address to allow these conections?
static NAT

12.- A PC has an IP address of but is unable to contact a web server on the Internet. A network administrator is troubleshooting the DHCP configuration on a Cisco 1841 router.
The Ip address of the PC is outside the network range.

13.- "principle of least privilege"
Users only have access to resources that are necessary for their jobs.

19.- A technician visits every computer in a workgroup and...

21.-Which type of cable may be used for backbone cabling between data centers that are...
fiber optic

22.-What is the primary function of a Level 1 support technician in a ISP help desk...
to diagnose and document the symptoms of hardware, software, and system problems

25.- Which statement is true abput FTP impelentations?
The protocol interpreter (PI) function engages once the data transfer precess (DTP)function is complete.

27.-A network administrator is configuring a DTE serial interface on a 1841 router...
Router(config)#interface serial 0/0/0

29.- When a field technician visits a customer site and resolves the issue that was opened in a trouble ticket...
document the solution and obtain acceptance of the customer

30.-Refer to the exhibit. Which type of cables would be required to connect the network devices?

a straight-trough
b crossover
c straight-through

31.- Which routing protocol depends on the DUAL algorithm...

32.- Which technology is used for WAN connections and delivers up to 1.544 Mb/s ...
T1 line

35.- While configuring PAT on a Cisco ISR, a network technician defines the IP address of the router interface that connects...
inside global address

36.- Which statement best describes the operation of a Layer 2 switch?
directs traffic from one port to another based on the destination MAC address

37.- Refer to the exhibit. What does the ^symbol indicate?
It marks a point in the command string where there is an incorrect or unrecognized character.

39.- A new Cisco IOS is intalled on a router in the default location. After booting...

40.- A client complains to an ISP that the hosted web server seems slow and frequently cannot be reached. The technician suspects...
Layer 4

43.- The IT department of a company implements a backup plan...
incremental backup

45.- An administrator wishes to protect a router by encrypting the console...
enable secret noaccess

46.- Wich WAN service provides point-to-point ...

47.- A user calls a help desk about being unable to connect to a web server. The technician asks the user...
verify if the TCP/IP stack is functioning on the PC

51.- Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is unable to ping H1 from the router...
Segment D

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